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Academic Partnership

Therapy Box is committed to breaking new ground and finding original uses for new technologies. Partnering with universities and hospitals, we aim to create innovative new products to assist in research or commercialisation of new intellectual property.



If you need to quickly and accurately gather data, Therapy Box can develop a custom app to automatically track user activity. Therapy Box has developed apps using GIS data, bluetooth beacons, vocal consistency, eye-tracking and more. Our experience in gamification methods helps us to make apps engaging for research participants, and our specialist UX designers will ensure that tests and research questionnaires are easy to administer.



Working with higher education institutions on a range of healthcare and education initiatives. Therapy Box has worked as both a project leader and project subcontractor, developing apps to assist in field research, to create new products to engage students in a subject, or to commercialise existing intellectual property. Therapy Box has experience working with universities and academic funding bodies across the UK.


Integrating proven technology into apps to develop commercial products, we can help turn your successful research into a source of revenue. Our design, development and quality assurance teams will all work with your research team to turn your intellectual property into an appealing and commercially viable product.


Case studies

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