Gordon's story

Gordon's story

  • by Gorden
  • Jan 18, 2019
  • 1 min read

Poets day is here again, gloomy skies and a little rain,

Still with the day comes that waited app, some will cheer and some will clap,

For me it gives a renewed hope, to once more have my words spoke,

Predictable now is the new test, to see if I can master its challenge best.

Time will tell if I'll succeed, but try I shall with type and deed.

Thanks to therapy box and team, on this day begins my dream,

To rise above the muted voice, again to speak, now that's my choice,

Success or failure, that's the doubt, I will succeed once I work it out.

We wish Gordon all the best with using Predictable in order to communicate with friends and family and look forward to hearing his feedback.