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Who’s it for?

ChatAble is designed for children, teenagers and adults who are unable to write or speak. Possibly due to autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or developmental disabilities.

What does it do?

ChatAble provides a grid of symbols that can be pressed to speak the word and construct sentences. It uses augmentative and alternative Communication (Communication) methods promote language development and improved communication skills.


Available in 6 languages

Customisable Symbol Grids

3 Types of Customisable Communication Pages

ChatAble enables you to build grids, visual scenes, and hybrid pages. These are all fully customisable, enabling you to change the size and layout of the grids. You can also upload your own photos and add highlights to them to emphasise the part of the picture that you want to focus on.

Library of Symbols

Large library of picture communication symbols (PCS) symbols to choose from

The large selection of PCS symbols available cover a wide range of items, concepts and vocabulary. Click on the symbol to use them to communication in a variety of situations. You can also select from our library of images or you can upload your own and add highlights in the app. ChatAble can be personalised for individual needs and preferences.

Choose Your Voice

Customisable to suit your personality

Change appearance settings including background colour and fonts (including fonts for people with dyslexia or visual impairment), and choose from a range of voices — ChatAble 3 now has 2 new children's voices available!

Track Progress

Keep a track of learning and progress

ChatAble has an inbuilt tools that track the words used; the number of messages spoken; the unique words used; and the average message length. These display in graphs inside the app and they also generate into a PDF report which can be printed or emailed.

User Stories

Our apps change people's lives. These are the stories of people who use out apps every day. We're proud of the impact we make on their lives.



"I love the history feature, and being able to change the grids. Being able to search pictures is great. Bastien loves it and we feel we can now have a conversation, impossible in the past."




"…I think it's worth every penny as I can't put a price on my child’s voice. My eldest daughter and I bought the iPad Air and a griffin tech case and I started customising the app. I walked around our house, town, nursery and set about photographing every part of Cocos life to make it more relevant to her. We've also started recording on Model Talker."