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Who’s it for?

Colorcards® is designed for children of all ages and can be used alongside specialist speech & language therapists, educators and care and rehabilitation professionals.

What does it do?

Colorcards® are a set of inspiring materials designed to help develop both language and social skills. They are incredibly popular with speech & language therapists and Therapy Box has turned them into an app. ColourCards was developed for Speechmark Publishing, which is a part of Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

About The Client

Practical and trusted resources

Speechmark Publishing provides practical and trusted resources for practitioners across education, health and social care. They are a part of Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

Project Objective

Fun educational apps based on the popular Colorcards® packs

Therapy Box was asked to turn the popular Colorcards® packs into iOS apps for speech and language professionals. The apps needed to be quick and convenient to use, and to provide additional value over the physical resources.

Project Outcome

Valuable resources for developing language skills

The apps were successfully built around five different games, three different sequencing games (based on ordering, predicting and describing), everyday objects and 'What Can You See?'. They are a valuable resource for developing comprehension, encouraging expressive language, building vocabulary and improving communication skills. The games are enjoyed by children of all ages and have received many positive reviews.


Track your child’s progress

The app tracks the child's performance and measure progress. This is shown in helpful graphs that can be easily printed. The data is also relayed to the client so they can see how much the app is being used.


Personalise the games

The apps give users the option to personalise their games by using their own images and recording and playing back their own speech.

In App Purchases

Extra content available

There is the option for therapists to purchase extra resources inside the apps. This enables the basic versions to be offered at a lower price and gives therapists the option to try it out before buying the full content.