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ColorCards with Speechmark Publishing

Colorcards® are a range of flashcard resources; designed for specialists including speech & language therapists, educators and care and rehabilitation professionals. The range is owned by Routledge, a global publisher of academic books, journals, and online & offline resources for people studying or working in the humanities and social sciences.

Project objective

Therapy Box was employed to turn 5 of the popular Colorcards® packs into iOS apps for Speech and Language Professionals. The apps needed to be quick and convenient to use, and to provide additional value over the physical resources. 3 different sequencing games (basic, 4-step, 6&8-step), Everyday objects and What Can You See? Were to be turned into native iOS apps, optimised for iPad in landscape orientation. The apps needed to report on a child's performance and be capable of measuring progress. Therapy Box were also asked to include an option for Therapists to purchase extra resources, so that a lower price version of the app could be offered for Therapists to try before committing to a version with full content.

Project output

Sequencing apps contain three different games – ordering, predicting and describing. In the ordering games, a child is shown a sequential series of images out of order, and is asked to arrange them into an order that makes a coherent narrative. In prediction games, a child is shown a series of images and encourages to guess what happens next. In description games, a child is shown a full sequence and asked to describe it in their own words.

Everyday objects contains 2 games – describing and reveal. In the describing game, a child is shown an image of a familiar object and asked to describe it. In reveal games, a child is shown an image which is partially hidden – more of the image is shown over time – and asked to guess what object it might be. What Can You See pro is a description game with 135 images in the basic pack, with the option to purchase extra high resolution images.

All apps contain the option to make games using one's own images, a reporting tool, and recording/audio playback functionality.

It was important to the client that the app could generate data which could be used to monitor progress. This would allow it to be a measuring tool for professionals, rather than simply being a practicing game. Rather than simply providing scores at the end of the games, Therapy Box added graphs, incorporating previous results scored by the same child, and built a reporting section of the app, which could be emailed out as a PDF – for inclusion in other documentation or as an update in and of itself. Notes made by therapists during the session would be recorded and included in these reports too.


"Having worked in a SEN school environment for a number of years I can only say that if an institution has iPad/iOS then they really should be using this app. It will engage their students and enable their educators to accurately plan the progression of their students." - Education App Store Teacher Review - 5 stars https://www.educationalappstore.com/app/basic-sequences-colorcards