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Colorful Semantics

Colourful Semantics with London Speech Therapy

London Speech Therapy is an independent therapy provider for children and young people with Speech, Language & Communication needs. Founded in 2009 it now works in over 30 schools across London, Essex and Cardiff. Based from a clinic in Harley Street, London Speech Therapy now employs more than 25 Speech professionals with a range of specialisms.

Project objective

London Speech Therapy commissioned an app based on independent research to develop a child’s spoken sentence, storytelling skills, and language comprehension. Each level shows an image and asks the child to describe it. The game breaks the sentence down in up to 5 basic parts – Who, What Doing, What, Where and Describe. The app needed to include access to microphone for record and playback features, and results needed to be exportable via PDF. A range of scenes was required and a symbol library needed to be included as an optional prompt for the multiple choice answers during the game. Colourful semantics needed to allow for different ability levels.

Project output

Colourful Semantics contains a library of pre-built levels, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Multiple users can be set up on the same app (so that each user's progress can be tracked), but there is also an option to play as a guest; guests and users can both export data via email as a PDF. The child friendly design includes both day and night themes. Voice Recording & playback tool built into the app so that game players can hear themselves back. The app is available in both English and Arabic.


"The colourful app is instantly engaging. The clients I tried the app on were immediately drawn to the strong visuals. There is also an option to turn on the background music if you wish." Speechie Speaks review.