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Integrating proven technology into apps to develop commercial products, we help turn successful research into a source of revenue. Our design, development and quality assurance teams all work with research teams to turn intellectual property into appealing and commercially viable products.


Commercially orientated and experienced

We have had 197,000 downloads of our own apps, so we understand the reality of getting a product to market - in particular, getting apps to the appstore and then into the hands of customers around the world. We have developed apps in 15 languages localised for different markets and have sales in over 35 countries. We frequently feature in the top grossing apps and have won numerous innovation awards for both our own and our clients' apps. This unique perspective makes us a key team member in any commercialisation project within larger scale research or product development projects. We have a proven route to market, with adoption of our products in over 85% of NHS Trusts in the UK. We have helped charities, NGOs, academic institutions and healthcare organisations get their idea to the AppStore. We help with the practical and strategic steps to make this happen.

Speech Recognition
App development

Commercialisation case study

University of Sheffield Catch team developed speech recognition software which recognises the voices of speakers with dysarthria. The team are working with Therapy Box and Barnsley Hospital to turn this unique and innovative piece of intellectual property into a commercial, accessible and inclusive product for people with speech disabilities.


If you would like to understand more about how we can work with you, contact Therapy Box director Rebecca Bright. Rebecca has a clear understanding of the clinical and research requirements you may have and the ways in which our team could collaborate or be commissioned to help your project.

Contact: rbright@therapy-box.co.uk