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Typ-O HD is an easy to use dyslexia app that helps you write without spelling errors. Typ-O HD uses a powerful word prediction engine and a sophisticated spelling error model to help you write, even if your spelling isn't perfect. The integrated synthetic voice let you hear the word prediction suggestions before selecting and check your text before emailing or pasting it into other applications. The app is designed for children or adults with dyslexia.

Word Prediction

Word Prediction

Typ-O's word prediction works by predicting the next word based on the sentence you are writing. It gives up to 6 suggestions; these take into account typical patterns of spelling that people with dyslexia frequently use.


Change the topic of your word prediction to Math, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, History, Physics or Sociology, making it simpler and easier to type based on the subject you are working on.

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Spell Check

Typ-O will show you all the mistakes in your notes, and will often suggest words to correct those you have misspelled. This gives peace of mind to users, ensuring every note will have minimal mistakes.

Share your notes

Send via email, iMessage, or print your notes directly from the app, making communication easier and faster.

Speach search
Add new words


Change the language for your word prediction to US English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German or French, perfect for those who speak in another language, or for users who wish to swap between languages whilst in the app.

Change appearance

ChatAble Change the look of the app: background colour, font, and prediction keys.

Speech recognition

ChatAble Use your device's microphone to easily write down your notes by voice.

Word sounding

ChatAble Listen to your word before you select it by pressing on the sound icon.

Save your notes

ChatAble Save your notes easily in the app.