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Who’s it for?

Fish Pass is for Anglers located in Cornwall.

What does it do?

FishPass allows users to top up on their mobile and scan a QR code to pay for their fishing session. FishPass was developed for Westcountry River Trust, an environmental charity that manages fishing locations in Devon and Cornwall.


About The Client

Supporting sustainable fishing in Devon and Cornwall

Westcountry Rivers Trust is a charity that manages fishing locations in Devon and Cornwall. They manage the payments between anglers and beat owners, and maintain the upkeep of fish stocks and beats.

Project Objective

Modernising the process of paying for fishing

Fishing in Cornwall used to rely on a paper passport, or Angling 2000 as it was once known. It is nearly twenty years old and the Westcountry Rivers Trust came to us looking for a major update. They wanted the whole process of paying for fishing to be digitised.

Project Outcome

An exciting new way to purchase fishing passes in Cornwall

FishPass provides fishing passes for 12 different Cornish beats, as well as the South West Lakes Trust Fisheries in Cornwall. This gives access to wild brown trout, sea trout, salmon and grayling in unrivalled surroundings. FishPass allows you to purchase tokens in advance and simply scan a code at the river to convert your tokens into a day ticket. No paper, no pen, and your catch returns can be logged in the app too.

Handling Payments

Top up your fishing tokens through the app

Fish Pass is the fastest and simplest way to purchase fishing passes for rivers and lakes in Cornwall. Pay for tokens in advance from your phone. Unlike the paper tokens, any digital tokens you buy in the app have no expiry date.

QR Scaner

Quickly start fishing by scanning QR codes

Once you’ve bought your tokens in the app all you have to do is just scan a code at the riverside to start fishing. FishPass makes the whole process much quicker.

Catch Log

Log your catch return and upload photos

Catch returns can be filled in the app too. This keeps the Westcountry Rivers Trust informed and helps promote sustainable fishing. Users will enjoy showing off their catch and can also use the feature to report problems like invasive plants or a broken stile.

Fishing Information

Fish Pass gives your the latest photos, catches, tackle and tactics

FishPass can be used as a digital brochure, the Cornwall beats change every year and the app will always have the most up-to-date information. Browse the map, zoom in to see what banks are part of the beat, read about restrictions and if you like the look of a beat, navigate there using your phone’s GPS.

Keep Old Tokens

You can convert your old paper tokens into digital ones in the app

We’ve engineered a way to scan any valid paper tokens into the app so if anyone has a couple spare, they can scan them in and preserve them for the next season. Simply take a picture of them and convert them into digital tokens.