Focusing on improving lives

We are an innovative company at the cutting edge of our industry and we can use this experience to bring your idea or research project to life. We specialise in making apps that improve people’s live and are market leaders in communication apps for people with disabilities. Our 8 years of experience have enabled us to build a large internal team of experts in various fields including design, development, marketing and testing.

Codesign your concept

We will work closely with you and your team to develop and improve on designs for your project. Our UX designer will turn these into a high fidelity set of wireframes that clearly show all of the user journeys and and functionality of the application. Your feedback will be very important to you throughout the development and we will deliver a working prototype to you as early as possible in the process so that we can maximise the amount of feedback that can be incorporated.

Data Security & Protection

Our work with the United Nations Development Programme; the NHS and universities means that we have a very clear understanding of security and data protection requirements for sensitive users. We collaborate frequently with NHS Trusts, charities and universities and are the recipient of numerous grants to enable development and deployment of our solutions in the healthcare and education sectors.

Planning tech & resources

We start with a kick off meeting, prior to which our team will gather all requirements and complete project the discovery phase. Our team leader, project manager, lead developer and QA engineer will attend a kick off meeting. We will work with you to understand your brief in as much detail as possible and add more depth to our work plan. We will discuss the project management,including the proposed schedule and how best to incorporate your feedback during development.

The team is comprised of front-end and back end web developers, user experience and user interface designers (UX and UI), and native iOS, Android, cross platform mobile developers, project managers and software testing engineers.

Building apps & web

We have 7+ years experience of working with large organisations and NGOs on a diverse range of projects. We have developed apps in 14 different languages, with projects varying in length from fewer than 4 weeks to more than 12 months. Our development team has grown year on year in order to deal with the high demand for our services from third parties, and we have already expanded our team once in 2018. We will always prioritise our clients’ projects to ensure a timely delivery of an excellent project.

Ensuring fitness for purpose

Therapy Box is committed to providing an excellent service to its clients and a great experience working with us. We will provide service and support at no extra cost for a pre-arranged period after the end of each project, so that the cost of any immediate rework required is taken on by Therapy Box rather than by our clients. Our pricing includes hosting and other incidental costs, plus the dedicated time and attention of Swapnil Gadgil, our co-founder and CEO who will provide full project oversight.


We will utilise an agile scrum approach to constantly iterate and improve on the initial prototype. Development divided into 2 week sprints, with each one delivering significant functionality. Each sprint starts with a planning meeting to make sure the team understands which user stories are being delivered. The sprint includes time for testing and fixing and items will be backlogged. We understand good communication is key. In addition to the daily status meetings and the weekly update meetings we will provide full access to the project manager and ensure that our tools are open for review.


At the start of the project, a testing document is written, based on the scope. It consists of several hundred actions and their expected outcomes. The testing team will methodically work through this document, ensuring that the expected result is achieved in each and every instance. We use both automated and manual testing to ensure that the code is robust and can handle the desired level of traffic without any bugs.