Eye Tracking

We research new technologies and use these advancements to improve people's lives. These innovations are introduced as features in our apps.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has traditionally required expensive hardware and relies on mouse emulation, which limited the number of devices on which it could be used. We are in the process of developing eye tracking software which relies solely on a device’s front facing camera. This will allow people with disabilities to interact with their devices more easily and at a lower cost than ever before. Compatibility will no longer be an issue; offering users a greater choice over their preferred device. We also integrate this innovative technology into applications where eye tracking can really make a difference.

We also offer eye tracking on the Windows version of Predictable with Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze devices.


We have included device camera eye-tracking in the START project (being developed in partnership with the University of Reading), and will continue to refine our own eye-gaze system for use in our in-house range of AAC apps.


We are currently using machine learning to improve our word prediction software in Predictable. This is to make the suggestions faster and more tailored to the individual. Predictable quickly learns how a user writes and rapidly becomes better at predictng their next word, or even completing the whole sentence.