Word Prediction

We research new technologies and use these advancements to improve people's lives. These innovations are introduced as features in our apps.

Word Prediction

Our word prediction uses state of the art language analytics and behaviour adaptation to predict the most likely next words based on the context of your message. It can be very powerful in increasing someone's accuracy or speed when making a message.

We other a number of different types of word prediction including, one word, two word and phrase prediction. All of our word prediction uses machine learning to improve the accuracy and make the suggestions more personalised.

We have been improving and developing our word prediction since 2010 when we first released it with predictable. The quality of our word prediction has become one of our flagship features and we frequently hear positive feedback about it. Our latest rounds of improvements have made it faster and more lightweight.


Predictable was the first AAC app on the App Store with inbuilt, self-learning word prediction. With a keyboard and word prediction app, users with higher cognitive function had access to their whole vocabulary range, without the limitations of the other apps available at the time.

Word prediction inside Predictable has grown stronger and we have added double word prediction, editing options, autocomplete, autocorrect and dyslexia support into Predictable's proprietary word prediction engine.


Inku learns how you type and predicts the next word to speed up your writing. These predicted words appear in a bubble next to your text. Inku also gives you the option to listen to a words before selecting them.


Typ-O's word prediction works by predicting the next word based on the sentence you are writing. It learns how you type and can give up to 6 suggestions.