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Key Word Sign Australia

KWSA with Key Word Sign Australia

Scope Australia is a charity which supports people with mental, physical or multiple disabilities and for the people who care for them. Their person-centred mission is to enable each person they support to live as an empowered and equal citizen.

Project objective

Therapy Box were asked to create a dictionary style app for their introductory database of auslan signs. For each word in the database, the app would show a diagram of how to make the sign along with a description of the action. For core words, a video was also available. Scope also wanted users to be able to make and export their own resources. They wanted the app to work on iPad, with a searchable local database of images and descriptions of auslan signs, a searchable set of widgit symbols, and a video library. The product needed to be easily customisable with images and videos for new signs, and resources made in the app needed to be exportable.

Project output

Therapy Box crated an app with 3 sections -- Create a book, view video, create a grid. In the book creation section, users can quickly choose signs from the library built into the app and quickly export them as a custom dictionary. The library is also available split into categories, so that signs on a similar theme can be easily exported together.

In the view video section, users can watch videos of core Auslan signs, or record their own videos and add them to the video library.

Create a grid lets users make their own dictionary pages using images from the auslan sign bank, widigt symbols, and photos from their iPad. Cells can be decorated with custom font, background colour and border colour.


AppStore review: "This is a fantastic app for anyone supporting the use of Key Word Sign in Australia. The videos for the 100 core word interactive vocabulary are excellent, and easy to follow as they show the sign demonstrated from both the front and side. The ability to personalise and print vocabulary boards is also very useful - with the included Auslan dictionary items, widget symbols and the ability to add your own photos. I have found the boards simple to make, print and share via the email option. A very practical and useful app."