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Kids Sound Lab pro

Kids Sound Lab Pro with Raddlist

Raddlist, based in Iceland, is an award winning provider of Speech Therapy and Speech Therapy resources. They have resources available in both English and Icelandic languages. It was founded by Bryndis Gudmundsdottir , a recipient of “The Special Recognition Award” for the “Learning and Playing With Sounds” from Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) and the Icelandic Women Inventors Network (KVENN)

Project objective

Raddlist wanted to make a game to promote correct articulation and reading in young students. They wanted progression in the game to match typical development in children, so that sounds which are commonly picked up early are the first levels in the app, with harder sounds coming later. Research has shown this methodology leads to children learning phonics faster, which assists in their reading and vocabulary skills

Project output

Therapy Box built a game with 24 levels, each dedicated to its own phonics sound, levels can be replayed and new scores taken, with improvement measured. A record and playback option is featured on all game pages, so that children playing with kids sound lab can listen back to themselves and hear their articulation. A reporting tool tabulates all results and a PDF report is exportable via airdrop, email, print and dropbox. Students can create their own profiles, so professionals and teachers can use the app with multiple students without reports being mixed in with each other. Kids Sound Lab was nominated for a BETT award for best education app.


Education App Store Certified - Educents Top 50 Apps for Kids 2017 - BETT Award 2016 Finalist. "Overall this is a really good app in helping young children in their initial stages of learning their letters and sounds. Due to its functionality I can see it being used both in an educational setting as well as in the young person's home." Education App Store 5 star review.