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What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and refers to methods of supplementing or replacing speech or writing for people who face difficulties communicating.

What kinds of AAC exist?

AAC can come in many forms. There are various tools that can be used to aid communication, whether they be physical or digital. Here at Therapy Box, we focus on creating apps to help people communicate. Predictable is a text to speech app, and our most complex. It features message banking and word predictions, designed for literate users with limited speech capabilities.

Symbol based 

ChatAble is an example of symbol based AAC. Sometimes it can be easier to locate a familiar symbol to communicate rather than trying to find the words. This involves using a symbol, or series of symbols, in order to get your point across. ChatAble lets you create complex sentences just by using symbols.

VSD Based

Scene & Heard is an example of scene based AAC - using Visual Scene Displays. This are very personalised methods of communicating, using scenes the user is familiar with to minimise the cognitive demands of communicating and to support learning. These could be pictures, photographs, or virtual environments which represent a situation, place, or experience. You can also create VSDs in ChatAble!

Hybrid AAC

For some people, a mix of both symbol based and scene based AAC is useful. Not every day is the same, and sometimes it's harder to get your point across or to find the right words to use. Hybrids can also act as a good middle ground when making the switch from scene based to symbol based AAC.

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Predictable Quick Guide

Predictable Video Overview

The Ace Centre has created a service finder to help you find local assistive technology services. Access the finder here: https://acecentre.org.uk/nhs-service-finder

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