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Speech sound app for minimal pair therapy

Minimal Pairs

Work on speech sound discrimination and production using sounds in all positions including the beginning, middle and end of words. Your guide throughout each game is Dubdub, the cute yellow dinosaur designed to motiveate and reward children working on this important skill.

speech sound practice

The program targets the following speech sounds in the initial, medial, final and blend position of words: p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, dz (as in jam), j (as in yacht), w, r, l, th, sh, ch

minimal pairs

The app has been designed to have practice for listening and practice for speaking, using phrase completion tasks

phrase completion

Use the Widgit symbol library to help students work on a range of vocabulary concepts and tasks. Choose to have a symbol with or without text for students of all literacy levels


Check the student's progress at the end of each game. Share reports with parents, teachers and speech therapists

Read our Minimal pairs FAQ for more information about the app. Can't find your answer? Click on 'Get in Touch'.

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