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Odd One Out
Odd One Out

Choose from the objects which doesn't belong from the items presented on the screen. This app helps children work on important skills to understand how words are related to each other, how words have meaning and to think about the differences between the meaning of words. Using vibrant symbols and clear visual and auditory feedback, this app is great for carrying over therapy goals at home.

Widgit Symbol library

Widgit Symbol library

Use the Widgit symbol library to help students work on a range of vocabulary concepts and tasks. Choose to have a symbol with or without text for students of all literacy levels

Varying difficulty levels

The app gives you the choice of 3 difficulty levels with increasing levels of semantic relatedness. You can also choose to play with 3 or 6 cards.


Symbol options

Option to present symbol only, symbol + word or word only on the cards. Work with students of different literacy levels, or use different combinations to compare a literate student’s discrimination skills across a variety of stimuli.

Reporting tool

Check the student's progress at the end of each game. Share reports with parents, teachers and speech therapists