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We are Therapy Box®, a London based app development agency who have won multiple awards for innovation - with an in house accessibility brand; a brand new education range and with a client and partner list that includes global organisations. Founded in 2010, our ethos is to deliver solutions that make life easier by solving real world problems with technology.



This year we're working on exciting new products including VocaTempo — a speech controlled AAC app which uses dysarthric speech recognition — and several apps for clients based on brilliant ideas they've had. Every year we try to find interesting projects to support and new partners to work with. We'll continue to support all of our customers, releasing new updates to keep our full range of apps, including Predictable and ChatAble, running smoothly.

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In November 2017 Therapy Box became one of 5 companies who successfully received further NHS England funding to develop innovations that aim to ensure that children living with disability and long term conditions have every opportunity to live their lives to the full. We're using this funding to develop VocaTempo, a voice activated AAC device. Rather than relying on a slow, focus pulling input method such as keyboard typing or switch access, a user could control the app with voice commands. The app will interpret these commands and generate a clear message using synthetic speech. This would allow a user with dysarthric speech to be better understood.

We worked on various projects for the United Nations — The Parks of Croatia app (for UNDP Croatia) is the first to use bluetooth beacons for both Android and iOS in offline mode across 19 parks in Croatia. DRAS (for UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an online platform that provides accurate information to citizens and decision makers on exposure to floods and landslides and is currently available for Tuzla and Doboj, preventing natural disasters.


In the 2016 New Year's Honours List, Her Majesty The Queen awarded Rebecca Bright the honour of Member of the Order of the British Empire.

2016 also saw us named best digital SME in the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards, hosted by global IT and recruitment firm Talent International. The judging panel comprising Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, selects British education and healthcare app businesses as one of five most innovative tech companies in illustrious global awards programme.

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In 2015, we began working with the University of Sheffield and Barnsley Hospital to create a revolutionary articulation rehabilitation app. STAR (Speech Therapy Articulation Rehabilitation) app will provide greater independence to people who are working toward relearning articulation and speech skills after an illness or traumatic event. The automated evaluation tool will enable users to practice speech without the assistance of a speech therapist, allowing the user to practice more, whilst saving therapists time.

We were additionally awarded the Nectar Small Business Award 2015: Contribution to Community.


In 2014 we were awarded with our most prestigious award: the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2014; an esteemed business award, designed to recognise and encourage the achievements by businesses in the UK, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

During this year we also won the Appsters Award: Most Innovative App 2014. Held annually, the Appsters Award is a must-attend for the who's who in the world of apps. For 2014, Appsters rewarded over 16 categories, showing the development of the sector in the previous 12 months.

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ChatAble was launched in 2013. Now one of our most popular apps, it is an easy to use communication aid application. It was designed for people with communication difficulties who benefit from symbol and photo support. ChatAble is unique and will continue to change people’s lives through our versatile and user friendly interface.

We also won the 2013 Ericsson Application Award recognising innovation in Android app development to promote a networked society. The theme for the year was 'Apps for City Life', with Predictable winning due to the freedom given to users when using the app.


2012 saw the development of Scene & Heard, which opened up a world of opportunity for people with communication difficulties. Scene and Heard became the first augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app to utilise the functional capabilities of an iPad, by allowing users create interactive visual scenes from personalised photos, video, audio. The app included symbols, which could also be incorporated into scenes.

In November we launched our in house app development service, offering our team of experts to understand your needs, and design, develop and deliver a solution that is designed to maximise your return on investment and help you achieve your business goals. Using our expertise in inclusive app design and development, we have expanded to become a specialist multi platform developer for clients in the education and healthcare arena. This includes bringing the latest inclusive design and innovations to apps for universities, schools, hospitals and large organisations. Our team has the experience to deliver large cross platform projects to market in collaboration and consultation with its clients.

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In 2011 Predictable — the original app in the Therapy Box range — became the first switch accessible iPad app, and enabled people with MND, ALS, cerebral palsy and other difficulties to communicate even if they couldn't touch the screen. Its self learning word prediction revolutionised the way people with reduced speech abilities (but with high cognitive function) communicate.


Rebecca Bright MBE and Swapnil Gadgil founded Therapy Box® in 2010, using Rebecca's experience as a speech therapist and Swapnil's background in e-commerce. Therapy Box was founded with an ethos to deliver solutions that make life easier by solving real world problems with technology.

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