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Type using sounds

Phonics Keyboard Extension

This is the world's first Phonics Keyboard Extension for the iPad and iPhone. Your child can find the letter they need by looking for the picture for each sound. Plus hear each sound and letter to help with phonic awareness skills. Customisations mean you can adjust the keyboard to suit your child's level

use sounds for typing

Hear the sound for each letter. Helps with learning how letters and sounds are linked

pictures for every sound

Colourful images for each letter and number to help with finding letters

first keyboard

Great first keyboard for early typing practice. Works in a range of email, notes and apps, for your child to type their first email or practice spelling their name!

voices to help

With cheerful British and American voices available for free

Read our Phonics Keyboard Extension FAQ for more information about the app. Can't find your answer? Click on 'Get in Touch'.

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