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Phonics Keyboard Extension
Phonics Keyboard Extension

A Phonics Keyboard Extension for the iPad and iPhone. There is an image of a familiar word which begins with the letter on each key. Every time a key is pressed, the letter being typed is read aloud, using both its name and it’s phonics sound. As your child becomes more confident, you can adjust your settings to remove the images, or change the auditory support.


Colorful images

Original colourful images help your little typist to quickly identify the letter they want to use. Each key is more distinct to simplify the search for keyboard keys.

Keyboard with sound

Great first keyboard for early typing practice. Works in any app that utilised the iPad keyboard. Use it to assist your young writer to complete their first email or practice spelling their name.



Cheerful British and American children’s voices are available for free in the phonics keyboard settings.

Sound for letters

Hear letters read by name (ay, bee, cee) and by phonics sound (ah, buh, cuh). This helps to establish a link between letters and their sounds and helps to advance reading and spelling skills.