Helping Students Get Work Experience

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Who’s it for?

Placer is designed for students at UK universities who are looking to gain work experience.

What does it do?

Placer gives a platform to students that they can use to search and apply for work experience. The project was developed for Placer Ltd.


About The Client

Student Work Placement Solutions

Placer Ltd. is a company owned jointly be Jisc, NCUB and Unite Student. Their aim is to make it easier for students from UK universities to get work experience opportunities.

Project Objective

An app for finding work experience placements

Student Work Placement Solutions asked Therapy Box to help them to create an app in which students could search and apply for work experience opportunities.

Project Outcome

Successful cross-platform app

Placer is available on all major platforms and is providing students at participating universities with a great platform to find and apply for work placements. Students can simply apply for a job with a single swipe.

Apply For Jobs

Apply for jobs with a single swipe

An opportunities page allows students to quickly navigate through a series of job opportunities (tailored to their interests). They can apply to jobs with a single swipe, hide jobs, or save to review later. Users can set up a CV, including previous work and activities and accomplishments from their time at university.

Web Portal

Web portal for businesses to review applications

A web portal can be accessed by businesses and university staff, to advertise positions or review applications. The app collects feedback from both the employer and the employee which translates into rewards and achievement badges.