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Predictable Android

Faster. Smarter. Easier.

Multi award winning text based AAC. Designed to give a voice to someone who is unable to use their own.

Word prediction

Word prediction

Predictable has a built in, customisable, state of the art word prediction engine. The word prediction will give multiple options to help you complete sentences and phrases. The powerful technology can greatly increase your words per minute to allow you to create fast, accurate sentences and phrases. The word Prediction has built in Dictionary customisation and fully custom Pronunciations and Abbreviation support.

Use Options

Predictable on Android allows fast ways to communicate your message. Any phrase built in the app can be instantly shared using the use options. These include social media options such as Twitter and FaceBook; Use your email contacts list to effortlessly send your text in an email. Copy and paste the text so that messages can be used in other apps, or outside text can be spoken by the app. Even access your favourite news stories from this menu. 

Use Options


Predictable has multiple keyboard options available to choose from. Use a normal QWERTY keyboard as default on the device. Or switch to a ABC Keyboard to offer something easier and more comfortable to use. The app even has a High frequency keyboard which can offer easier access to most used keys, making typing phrases and sentences quicker and easier. 


Use the inbuilt Predictable Backup manager to create personal backups that will contain all of the settings and content that gets saved in the Predictable app. Upload the file to the server, to effortlessly save all your content, to be easily dowloaded again. This provides options for professionals who have multiple profiles and settings; whilst allowing users to quickly move to a new device.



In Predictable you can create your own range of custom phrases that can be organised into fully customisable categories. Choose from a full range of options to create individual, personal phrases and categories. Build in custom images from your camera or device. Choose the Audio to attach personal recordings or sounds. Even add multimedia links to build in extra content to be saved at your fingertips. The app comes with a range of useful categories and phrases that are fully customisable too.

Model Talker

Predictable is available using ModelTalker System, developed by Nemours Speech Research Laboratory. ModelTalker allows people who are losing, or have already lost their voice to communicate with a personal synthetic voice.


Server Backup

Predictable Save all settings, options and personal content in a secure save to the Predictable server. This allows info to be downloaded if the device is compromised.

Custom Abreviation

Predictable Pick custom shortcuts to use in the message window to allow faster text entry and communication.

Custom Bell Alert

Predictable Pick or set up a bell alert to use from the keyboard to get attention.

Customisable Keyboard

Predictable Customise your keyboard to look and act differently in different scenarios.


Predictable Pick form the Predictable list of emotes to quickly share emotions in the moment.

Favourite Messages

Predictable Quickly access the most used and personal phrases at your fingertips. Save and edit the phrases so that you can communicate messages faster.

Quick Keys Selection

Predictable Use quick keys to select share options and ways to communicate your messages.

Customisable Use Options

Predictable Pick your favourite sharing and use options to display on the home page.

Write Pad

Predictable Handwrite your message, Predictable will automatically turn the handwriting into text to speak or share.

Predictable Video

Want to see the app in action? Watch this video for a better idea of how our software can be used.

User stories

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