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Hank's story

Hank was raised on a farm and had a very active life until the age 35, when he suffered a severe asthma attack that resulted in a stroke. After spending a few month in different hospitals he started a long period of rehabilitation. During Hank's stays in hospitals he had very little of speech and language therapy and there were only a few choices available for text to speech software at the time. Hank preferred to type what he wanted to say. He tried many devices but he wanted one that he could use easily and quickly. That is why Hank decided to try Predictable® for Android but after some time he moved to the iOS version of the app, which he feels is an ideal solution for him. Hank can now prepare talks, use quick phrases as well as word prediction. Hank uses both saved phrases and writing messages from scratch depending on the situation. Hank says, "This is a fantastic app and easy to use with a lot of features".

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