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Julia's story

Julia Geschichte

At last: Chopin again!

A stroke means a big change in every part of life. This was also the case for Julia: talking, moving & nothing was easy anymore, a lot of things she had to learn again. She fought her way back into life with an iron will, supported by motivated therapists and her Predictable app. She uses Predictable in German. Born in Ireland, she has lived in Germany for decades now. After the stroke with aphasia it was much easier to learn her mother tongue again than it was relearning German. Therefore, the languages shift between German and English while the consultant from REHAVISTA (see picture) is visiting her. Luckily, having tea and cake also works without words.

Even if the use of the Predictable is not always easy, it is a great help in everyday life and good training for language skills. Meanwhile, Julia is playing her beloved piano again. Sometimes it is still hard to coordinate hands and feet and also reading music. But that doesn´t matter: at last she can play Chopin again.

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