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Peter Pierce's story

My Voice, My Story: Peter Pierce

Peter, former DJ, BBC Golf soundman, and now living with MND, is a Predictable user and had banked a ModelTalker voice in 2009 when he recognised his voice would soon deteriorate. Fearing that Peter would have a “Stephen Hawking type, robot synthesized voice”, he quickly entered the process of creating a ModelTalker voice while he still had time. Family man Peter was delighted when he found that ModelTalker would be integrated in to Predictable 4.0, a move he described as “long overdue” in the AAC field. Having recently switched from a computer to an iPad, Peter had been recommended Predictable by a friend at a local MNDA meeting.

He has been using Predictable for about 20 months, and has found it ever more helpful as his speaking ability gradually declines, along with the onset of tiredness often associated with MND. Peter had taken Predictable away on a cruise with his wife Jen where he used the app to communicate and to help people he met understand more about MND. Peter had created a range of phrases that he used often during the cruise. Peter explained “My favourite features (of Predictable) are stored phrases with the ability to customise them”. Peter went on to add “From a fun point of view, I love the Emotes which, in my view, adds spice to the conversation!”.

Peter is often surrounded by family, a proud father and grandfather; he relishes detailing his families numerous achievements. Peter’s grandson, Ryan, is in awe of his Grandfather who now uses Predictable in his own voice to communicate. Although Peter is still able to use his voice, to describe Predictable, Peter identified the app as “liberating”.

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