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All Inclusive Mixer
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Designed specifically for teams who carry out assessments for clients who may need AAC. By ensuring you have all the latest kit for iOS and Android and apps ready to go, it gives teams the flexibility to complete thorough assessments with their clients. Now with 2 hours free set-up service, to ensure you have full use of all the apps, accessories and iDevices and are ready to go! For a quote, please see our quotes page.

Features/Items Included:

Included Items :

  • iPad 2018
  • iPod Touch
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7
  • Predictable (iOS and Android)
  • Scene & Heard (iOS)
  • Sort This Out Pack
  • Minimal Pair Pack
  • Odd One Out Pack
  • Proloquo2Go® by AssistiveWare® (iOS)
  • 2 other suitable apps (iOS)
  • 2 other suitable apps (Android)
  • Switch Box
  • Smoothie Switch
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • X-mini Speaker
  • Protective cases for devices
  • Screen protectors for devices
  • Stylus
  • Touch sensitive gloves
  • Battery pack
  • Satchel for iPad Retina
  • 1 Screen cleaning kit
  • Therapy box tote carry bag
  • Pre install of software
  • 3 months customer service and support
  • 2 hours of face to face training (UK only)
  • Getting started guides and manuals

Minimum £30 postage (in addition to bundle cost)