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Predictable® iPad Bundle
Price (Ex. VAT)

The Predictable iPad bundle gives you access to the device with the largest screen, with TBoxApp Predictable installed and ready to use. The iPad is the iDevice of choice for people who need a larger screen because of visual impairment, motor skill impairment affecting accuracy, and for those wanting to use the iPad as a recreational device as well as a communication aid.

Features/Items Included:

Included Items :

  • iPad 2018
  • TBoxApp Predictable installed and ready to use
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • 32GB memory
  • 1 Pen stylus
  • 1 Mains charger
  • 1 Protective case
  • 1 Screen cleaning kit
  • Therapy Box tote carry bag
  • Pre install of software
  • 3 months of customer service and support
  • Getting started guides and manuals

Minimum £30 postage (in addition to bundle cost)