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START Case study

Therapy Box works with universities to bring pioneering technology to those in need, through breaking new ground and finding original uses for new technologies.


Track record in pioneering research

Therapy Box have a track record in working with universities and hospitals to bring technology to patients. Successful adoption of technology is the ultimate end goal for these projects, and we are able to play an instrumental role in this process. Therapy Box has experience in roles of either co-investigator, technical partner or commercialisation lead. We have been successful as lead applicants in grant applications for research and product development funding. Our expertise in developing tools to aid research is manifest in each of our key projects with academia - with compliant data collection processes adhering to NHS, university and EU data collection law.

If you need to quickly and accurately gather data, Therapy Box can develop a custom app to automatically track user activity. Therapy Box has developed apps using GIS data, bluetooth beacons, vocal consistency, eye-tracking and more. Our experience in gamification methods helps us to make apps engaging for research participants, and our specialist UX designers will ensure that tests and research questionnaires are easy to administer.

Collaborative approach

Research case study

START is an innovative new app which will be used as a basic autism screening test for children in India. The purpose of the research is to try and find a simple technological solution for people with limited medical training to quickly administer screening tests to children in remote areas. University of Reading is the lead academic partner, with Therapy Box acting as lead technical partner. Research for this project is also being carried out by Harvard University, Public Health Foundation of India, Birkbeck University of London, Nottingham Trent University, All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, Sangath, and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. This project is funded by a Global Challenge Research Fund Foundation Award by the Medical Research Council UK.


If you would like to understand more about how we can work with you, contact Therapy Box director Rebecca Bright. Rebecca has a clear understanding of the clinical and research requirements you may have and the ways in which our team could collaborate or be commissioned to help your project.

Contact: rbright@therapy-box.co.uk