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Scene & Heard Pro

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Take photos and attach hotspots to create visual scene displays. Use images of your home, school or community for context-supported communication.

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Scene & Heard Pro is a visual scene display AAC app. At its core it allows you to create visual scenes and video visual scenes quicker than ever before with either voice recordings or synthesised speech. You can add hotspots that play audio and videos, link to other scenes or activate Transition To Literacy features.

Visual scene displays are when you use a  photo, picture or video to communicate a message. This often depicts a familiar image or scene, and the user can touch hotspots or specific parts of the scene to communicate pre- programmed messages.

Add hotspot

Visual timetable

Video Scenes

Visual Scene Display



Transition to literacy

Scene & Heard Pro visual scene display AAC

Create visual scenes

Using just-in-time programming, take a photo and add hotspots to make a visual scene. This approach to AAC uses personal images to support communication and independence by providing opportunities to access vocabulary for activities and conversation. Visual scene displays offer a valuable way for communication to be supported across the lifespan. The scenes can be created in ANY language!

Scene & Heard Pro visual scenes

Do more with hotspots

Draw hotspots on the photo and then add any or all available options. You can record a message, type out a text to be read aloud, pop in a video or link to another scene. It is flexible and easy to make scenes in seconds!

Make video visual scenes

Splice videos with visual scenes to help support access to vocabulary within a dynamic context. Simply take a video of the activity and then tap to add scenes where you want to add a still scene with language to use.  Perfect for working on promoting independence in activities!

Scene & Heard Pro video visual scene
Transition to literacy AAC Scene & Heard Pro

Transition to Literacy

Providing access to literacy for decodable and sight words within the context of AAC for early literacy.  Based on research by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centre on AAC, this feature lets you add written words within your visual scene displays. 

Visual Timetable

Set up a personalised visual timetable for when each scene is needed.  Easily add your scenes to the day and time they relate to, or use symbols for other activities.

Scene & Heard Pro visual timetable

Share scenes

Print, email, save in your communication book, or export the whole scene to another device!

Scene & Heard Pro grid communication AAC

Grid based AAC

Combine visual scene display AAC with grids to support transition or add more communication options in the one app!  Pick from the symbols available in the app, or convert your visual scenes automatically into grids!

Our Collaboration with the AAC RERC

The RERC on AAC is a collaborative centre committed to advancing knowledge and producing innovative engineering solutions in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). We welcomed the expertise and feedback of the team during our development of this app.

Therapy Box collaboration with RERC on AAC

Scene & Heard Pro is an exciting addition to the AAC field! It is a powerful, easy to learn tool to support language and literacy development and enhance communication and community participation. The app incorporates cutting edge research by the RERC on AAC team to improve outcomes for people with complex communication needs.
Professors Janice Light and David McNaughton - RERC on AAC


Scene + Heard Pro will be available to purchase as a subscription in-app purchase. 

Scene and Heard Pro

3 Year Purchase

£99.99/$99.99, non auto-renewing

Scene and Heard Pro

Yearly Subscription

£49.99/$49.99, 1 month free, auto-renewing

Scene and Heard Pro

Monthly Subscription

£4.99/$4.99, 1 month free, auto-renewing

Scene & Heard Pro Lifetime is an upfront purchase version which is compatible with volume purchase.

Scene and Heard Pro

Scene & Heard Pro Lifetime


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How to get Scene & Heard Pro

Scene & Heard visual scene

Scene & Heard Pro

  • Compatible with iOS 14, 15 and 16 (and soon iOS 17)

  • Available for iPad

Scene and Heard Pro

Scene & Heard Pro
iPad Bundles

  • Options available for Scene & heard on an iPad set up to meet your requirements with ruggedised cases and speakers.

  • Contact to discuss your requirements

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