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Accessible Home Automation

SmartHub is an environmental control solution for use by those with disabilities. It was created to take up less space than traditional home automation solutions, be more economically priced and easier to setup and use than the current equipment available.

Key Features:

  • Choose between scene and grid display formats. Grid scene contain nine hotspots, each of which can contain up to 64 infrared actions or actions for one of your Lightwave RV controlled devices. Hotspot scenes contain up to 99 hotspots, which can be placed anywhere over a single larger image. They can also be resized to fit objects within the image.
  • Easily create macros that will automatically perform home functions based on temperature and time
  • The app includes a one-touch emergency email function and alarm button.
  • Switch access makes it possible to use SmartHub without touching the screen. You can use one or two switches to control the scanning and change the scanning features (e.g. scanning rate or number of cycles).

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