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SmartHub: Accessible Home Automation

SmartHub is a complete home automation system, connecting an iPad with two technologies – an infrared controller, so that the iPad could be used as a universal remote; and a radio wave controller, which allows the user to control wall sockets and lights.

Project objective

Designed and developed by Therapy Box and beta tested in a specialist college run by Scope, SmartHub is an accessible app for home automation. The app needed to be easily accessible to switch users and quick and intuitive to learn.

Project output

Users have the option of making scene pages with one central image underneath resizable, reshapable hotspots; or use a pre-built grid with 9 regularly spaced, regularly sized hotspots. Accessibility controls including switch access, force delay and audio instructions. Touch anywhere access is also included, allowing users to turn their iPad screen into a switch. The app integrates social media APIs to keep users connected.

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