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Categorisation practice for kids

Sort this out pack

Simply drag the cargo onto the train and off you go! Each train has two carriages bearing a different category, with 8 boxes to load - the child needs to identify which category each item belongs to. Create your own content or use Widgit symbols to customise the categories and items to suit your student's needs.

sort categories

Create your own categories and vocabulary items Students can use photos of familiar items when working on categorisation and sorting skills. Take a photo with the iPad, or browse your photo library to make content unique to each child

widgit symbols

Use the Widgit symbol library to help students work on a range of vocabulary concepts and tasks. Choose to have a symbol with or without text for students of all literacy levels

fun learning

Make learning fun by switching on errorless learning, so that students can only drag the boxes into the correct carriages. When they are ready, you can turn errorless learning off, for a more challenging task


A fun and engaging train based game. Move between 4 stations each with different themes to help students stay motivated. You can also rename the stations for the ultimate personalisation!

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