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Therapy Box has developed products for a range of clients for a range of purposes, but similarities between some of the projects have also given us specialist knowledge in a few key areas.


NGO projects

Large projects, with multiple rounds of review and several iterations, released free to the general public or to make it easier for NGO staff to do their jobs. Therapy Box has worked on projects for UNDP in several countries, Jisc and others. We have the resource and know-how to work in an agile way on long-term projects with multiple stakeholders.

Accessibility Projects

Therapy Box are an established provider of communication apps, and we have worked with several partners to create apps to enhance accessibility. Our aim is to continue making innovative apps with original and exciting features. We were the first iOS developer to make a switch accessible app, made the first iOS app containing personalisable ModelTalker voices and are currently exploring the ways in which cloud services can be utilised to benefit people with disabilities.


Geospatial Apps

Locations & GIS data yields benefits for commercial products, research projects, and public service apps. Knowing where your users are lets you tailor app’s behaviour based on their location, and can also help users to report important data back to a central database with minimal effort. Custom built maps working on and offline help you to show users the information most important to them.

Case studies

Need a little more information? Find out more about some of the services we’ve offered to partners recently.