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UNDP Panama

Country Fiche with UNDP Panama

UNDP Panama is a regional UNDP hub serving 26 countries in Central and Latin America. They are focused on strengthening the capacities of the country offices, who in turn assist governments and communities to achieve sustainable development.

Project objective

In 2017 UNDP in Panama put out a request for tenders to build an app and website to allow countries in the region to share information about their government, economy and culture. They wanted to build a one-stop shop as a professional resource, where visitors could find all the most crucial data and details on any nation in the area. They requested that UNDP staff would be able to update information for each country.

Project output

Therapy Box has built a website and app comprising more than 30 microsites for each country in Central and South America. Within each microsite, representatives from countries will be able to create pages; and upload text, images, video and audio. Dynamic charts, which are set to update live when new data is provided, are available for countries to implement as the web app is connected to Highcharts API. Sites can be setup to scrape data and information from other locations on other parts of the web and to update without manual input. The app is functional both on and offline, and information updates on the page without needing to refresh. Sections of a microsite, or a full microsite can be exported as a pdf for use as briefing notes, or as a quick aide in presentations and reports.


The Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) have a comprehensive country fiche which allows member countries to update each other on their activities and projects to allow for collaboration and efficiency. The Regional Hub serves 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, offering technical support, and a trustworthy source of knowledge, experiences, and resources provided by a group of experts and professionals. It works through its COs with governments and people to develop customized solutions to development challenges and thus help to strengthen local capacities.

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