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AT Guide

AT Guide with Yooralla

Yooralla has been supporting people with disability since 1918. An Australian organisation dedicated to working with children and adults with disabilities; their mission is to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that empowering their clients to live the life they choose.

Project objective

Yooralla wanted an app that would help occupational therapists identify equipment to benefit their clients. They wanted the app to be simple and quick, a tool to be used early during assessment which provided suggestions which could be discussed and trialled. They needed an IOS app for iPads, with an accessible backend that would allow the app to be easily updated with new products and new questions. The option to remove equipment or questions as they became obsolete was also necessary.

Project output

The AT guide is a handy, intuitive iOS application. It´s easy to navigate through the questions, and the tailored response for each person assessed by the OT can be emailed out to view at a later date. Products can be searched and viewed individually, and external weblinks let users view products in more detail outside of the app. Additional features include custom themes, auditory support and a built in user guide. Building a backend portal with which to update the app to include new questions and products was a unique challenge for Therapy Box at the time (2013), which was successfully accomplished when the team hired our first full-time web developer. The backend was built onto a VPS, with a custom API designed by Therapy Box. Since this project, Therapy Box has included web portals to backends into a number of projects, for clients and for internal projects.