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Keyguards in AAC

For some people with motor difficulties, it could be difficult interacting with a communication device. They can have difficulties targetting the key they want to select and need some support to avoid hitting another button by mistake.

What is a keyguard?

A keyguard is a layer made of hard plastic perforated with holes for the keys on the screen. It is placed on top of the screen and fills up the spaces between the keys. This helps prevents the user from unintentionally pressing multiple keys.

Where to find a keyguard for my AAC app?

In practice, most of the keyguards that are made are custom made as users tend to configure their apps to their own specific needs. The way it works is that once you have decided on your set-up, you can email a screenshot to a keyguard supplier and they make it fit. Some suppliers can make these for any size iPad or other tablets.  We can also cut them to size to fit cases, depending on customer requirements. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of keyguards suppliers:

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