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Giving a voice to people. A text-to-speech app, with smart word prediction,

designed for people who have difficulty speaking.

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Predictable 7

Predictable is an award winning app used by thousands of people around the world who have little or no speech, some or all of the time. 

It aims to aid communication to make it quicker and easier for people to communicate when they have difficulty. Some people who use it include those with MND/ALS, cerebral palsy, autism, have had a stroke or brain injury or head and neck cancer.

The basics of Predictable

Predictable has three main sections: the keyboard screen, the grid and the settings. 


The keyboard and grid screens can be accessed with a variety of access methods and customised in endless different ways to suit user's needs. 


The phrases and categories found in the grid can be completely personalised, adding images, multimedia and audio recordings.

Settings is where you can customise your Predictable experience: choosing a voice, changing the keyboard, setting up shortcuts and lots more!

Predictable 7
Predictable 7
Predictable 7

Key Features

Predictable 7

Choose between Device and online voice options, or from our list of voice banking providers: Acapela, SpeakUnique, ModelTalker and The Voice Keeper.

Symbol Prediction

Turn on symbols for different areas of your keyboard screen to support communication. Predictable uses over 6000 symbols which are auto-assigned to words in your prediction strip, message window text, favourites strip and history strip.

If you don't like some of the symbols that show, you can personalise these in settings.

Predictable 7
Predictable 7


Predictable 7

Translate your message window text into any of our 43 languages and speak it instantly!

Use ChatGPT in Predictable

Ask ChatGPT anything and get a response directly in your Predictable message window. Experience the power of AI with no accessibility barriers!

Predictable 7