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Voca Quest

Save time and find resources and games to use in your sessions and to set for homework


The biggest library of games and resources for busy SLPs

Plan and track progress using 6000 fun digital speech, language, fluency and voice interactive activities.

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Flashcards, Minimal Pairs, Cycles Approach...


Colourful Semantics, Preposition Scenes...


Fluency Screener and therapy...

Social Communication


Therapy Blox, Inferencing quizzes...

Voice Screener

Voca Quest is quick and easy


1. Therapy planning

2. Deliver therapy

3. Read the report

Create and customise engaging sessions for your clients to work on in between clinic sessions. Share the plan with home and school. Keep track of the client's performance between your sessions. By setting goals and identifying the attainment level you are wanting the client to achieve, you can more easily see how your client is progressing.

Voca Quest is designed to use anywhere. Use it in your clinic on your desktop, iPad or tablet. In addition you can set up sessions to run via tele-therapy, as well as setting programmes to complete at home or at school. The choice is yours.

Whatever delivery mode you select, Voca Quest automatically tracks your client's progress, generating a session report and updating the aggregate report. It can suggest the next activity for you to consider.

Who is Voca Quest for?





Busy SLPs who would like to save time and focus more on what they like: providing therapy.

Voca Quest offers gamified activities that your SLP may recommend. With Voca Quest, you can also manage your team members access and rest reassured that data is safe and secure.

Voca Quest offers a way to practice therapy at home through an engaging client dashboard. Work with your child's SLP to set up a plan to work through together in your own time at home.

Don't just take our word for it...


Voca Quest is available to purchase as a subscription in-app purchase. 

3 Year Purchase

£195.99/$195.99, 1 month free, auto-renewing

Yearly Subscription

£79.99/$79.99, 1 month free, auto-renewing

Monthly Subscription

£8.99/$8.99, 1 month free, auto-renewing

Benefit from our introductory offer! 🎉
To say thank you to everyone who has supported Voca Quest so far, we are offering a discounted rate of £4.99/$4.99 for the first month (in addition to a free 1 month trial).

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