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Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and solve real-world problems. We aim to make life easier for people who use our technology. In 2011 we launched our first app which helped people with no speech to communicate. We are now focusing on using voice, speech and linguistic data to identify and monitor health.

Our Track Record

Our track record is the result of delivering award winning apps for people with communication disabilities and specialist tools for healthcare and education. We partner with leading universities, healthcare organisations around the world and NGOs to ensure that our projects reach the people who need it.

What's new

Language Explorer, detecting Language Disorders.

    Funded by the NIHR, Therapy Box is leading a collaboration to help detecting children's Developmental Language Disorders.
    The collaboration between Therapy Box, the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit, Newcastle University and three NHS sites in Hackney, Newcastle, and Bristol will take place across two years. 
    At the start of the project, the team will be seeking 600 children to record their stories, to help train the app to recognise the children having trouble with their language.
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