Specialist in healthcare technology 

Therapy Box is a full stack technology company focusing on technology in healthcare and education. We have specialist skills in working with technology for speech, language and acoustics. 

The team seek to apply award winning innovations to help solve problems related to speech and language related disorders - from diagnosis through to compensatory aids. The first app, Predictable was launched in 2011 and is now available in 10 languages around the world and used by people to be able to communicate. 














Therapy Box was founded in 2009 by Rebecca Bright MBE and Swapnil Gadgil, with the aim of developing an iPad app to help people with motor neuron disease to communicate more easily. Predictable, was launched in 2011 and is now available around the world in 10 languages. It offers cutting edge design and development to help a range of people realise their potential.

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User research

We approach user research with a background in accessibility and inclusive design. The team has considerable experience with co-design and helping to undertake user research.

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UI Design

Following the user research phase and after agreeing on the full requirement, our design team will craft wireframes and user interface designs so that you can walk through the app before it's built, allowing you to make decisions about your product and the design.

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Machine Learning

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Speech Therapy

Applying principles and evidence from clinical expertise, the team is able to design, develop and evaluate tools for patients and clinicians. Our experience helps us work with speech therapists, neurologists and researchers to carry out PPI work, pathway design and co-design activities. Our attention to accessibility needs and understanding of designing for people with disabilities is unique.

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Full stack development

We have a full stack development team and will help you develop your solution on the technology best for your product. Working across mobile and web technologies, the team is skilled in building modular, scalable solutions.

The team designs and builds products to support the use of machine learning, whether that be in optimising word prediction; or helping with menstrual cycle tracking through to using linguistic and acoustic signals for analysis to support clinical decision making.


Therapy Box was founded by Rebecca Bright MBE and Swapnil Gadgil. Rebecca has a background as a speech therapist and Swapnil comes from a technology background. Together they created the first switch accessible app to allow people with motor neuron disease, cerebral palsy other difficulties to communicate.

Swapnil and Rebecca have always believed that all people have the right to live their lives and work towards their goals without being hindered by restrictions.

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