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Scene & Heard


Take photos and attach hotspots to create visual scene displays. Use images of your home,

school or community for context supported communication.

Scene & Heard will be retiring at the end of this year, and from that point will no longer be available to purchase from the App Store. If you already have Scene + Heard installed, you will not lose access and will still be able to use it on your device. However, it will not be updated and Apple may choose to remove it at some point. 

Contact us at for support moving to Scene + Heard Pro.

Scene & Heard: the basics

Scene & Heard is a great way to get started with AAC. Visual scene displays are when you use a  photo or picture to communicate a message. The photo or picture often depicts a familiar image or scene, and the user can touch hotspots or specific parts of the scene to communicate pre- programmed messages.

Scene & Heard has been used by people with autism, aphasia and learning disabilities since it launched in 2011. It has developed with feedback from people who use it and their families.

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What's a visual scene?

Visual scene displays are a type of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)  that are highly contextualised and are personal to support communication. The aims of visual scene displays are:

* reduce cognitive demands  

* make learning easier,

* support social interactions

* support exchange of ideas.

You can learn loads about visual scene displays here 

Place hotspots and tap them to speak

Take a photo and add hotspots on the parts of the photo you want to talk about. 

Record messages that you want to have spoken aloud. 

Visual scene displays can be made in advance or created on the fly!

Create colour-coded visual timetables

Set up a schedule using the colour-coded timetable. Set actions throughout the week using your images or symbols as visual prompts. The app will set up a notification on your device so you’ll get a reminder of the event.

Set task prompts

The task prompter pages let you break tasks down into a series of smaller actions and add audio or video instructions for each action. These create a series of steps that explain how to complete everyday tasks like brushing your teeth. The steps can be played one by one as the task is performed.


Use in a variety of languages

Scene & Heard is available in the following key languages:

  • English

  • Swedish

  • German

  • Danish

  • French

In addition, you can create specific content in any language in the scenes themselves.​


Appstore Review

This is a really innovative app. The ability to design your own scenarios that relate directly to individuals and with their own active areas makes this a very user friendly, special app. Love it !

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Scene & Heard is a great app that utilizes Visual Scene Displays to contextualize AAC. I love that you can customize the preloaded scenes and create your own to suit the needs of your clients/students.

Carrie's Speech Corner



I would recommend this app to therapists, teachers and parents who have emergent communicators who respond best to real pictures of familiar visual environments, things and people in context. It is easy to use with very little training at onset required.


How to get Scene & Heard


Scene & Heard

  • Requires iOS 10 or later

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Scene & Heard

  • Options available for Scene & heard on a iPhone or iPad set up to meet your requirements with ruggedised cases and speakers.

  • Contact to discuss your requirements

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