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Dyslexia support app

Inku 2.0

Designed for people with dyslexia, inku is essential for students and professionals who benefit from help when preparing messages, notes or documents on an iPhone or iPad. The app contains various features specifically designed to help those who struggle with writing, for example, the integrated iOS voice let you hear the word prediction suggestions before selecting and sharing your messages with others.

spell check

Advanced dyslexic spell checking offers a great support for improvements in writing.


Personalise various aspects of the app to suit your or your student's needs, such as the format of word prediction, the back ground colour and the font size, colour and type.

speech recognition

inku offers an intelligent speech-to-text features that gives you the possibility to speak a word you want to write!

word prediction

inku allows a person to type a message using the sophisticated word and phrase prediction, which learns their pattern of use, making writing even faster.

Read our inku FAQ for more information about the app. Can't find your answer? Click on 'Get in Touch'.

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