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Dyslexia support app

Designed for people with dyslexia, inku is essential for students and professionals who benefit from help when preparing messages, notes or documents on an iPhone or iPad. The app contains various features specifically designed to help those who struggle with writing, for example, the integrated iOS voice let you hear the word prediction suggestions before selecting and sharing your messages with others.

Word prediction

Listen to a predicted word before putting it into the app. The app will read the words leading up to the prediction, so you can hear the word in context and can make sure that you’re adding in the word that you wanted to use.

inku Word prediction

Advanced spell checking

Note making tool with a word prediction engine designed to pick up on errors most likely to be made by people with dyslexia. Word and phrase predictions are offered in a bubble next to the word being typed as it is being typed. Words not recognised by inku are highlighted, and can be checked and corrected later.

Personalise your app

A full variety of font and styling options give you freedom to control the appearance of your notes. Use the justification and spacing tools to make sure that the documents you create are formatted to your liking.



Several dictionaries are available. UK or US dictionaries, and academic dictionaries for a selection of school subjects including foreign languages and STEM subjects. Dictionaries can be tailored towards the size of your vocabulary, so the app can be used by students and professionals of any age.

Easy notes

You want the notes you make to be easily available to you once you’ve typed them out. Save to the apple notes app or set inku to automatically sync with dropbox. Share notes via email or social networks.

Easy Notes

inku video

Want to see the app in action? Watch this video for a better idea of how our software can be used.

Document to download

User guides and other useful information for using this app. If you need any other information, check out our support page.