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Four important considerations about using Personal Voice on your iPad or iPhone

Voice banking has been used for several years by people who may lose their speech, or live with a speech disability. Apple now offers Personal Voice, where you can create a voice that sounds like your own to use to type to speak in FaceTime, Phone, and assistive communication apps (including Predictable).

Important things to note about Personal Voice:

  • It is available only in certain languages (so please check on your device for the language you require)

  • To create a Personal Voice, you must first set a passcode on your device.

  • Your Personal Voice is saved securely on your iOS device for you to use during Phone and FaceTime calls, in-person conversations, and third-party alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) apps.

  • Apple's T&Cs state that you must use your voice for your personal use only and that your legacy contact (the person who can access your device after if you pass away) will not be able to use your Personal Voice.

More information is available on the Apple website:

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