Improving Children's Speech

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Articulation Forest

Who’s it for?

Articulation Forest is designed for children who are struggling with the physical aspects of speaking. This includes but is not limited to issues with sound errors, slow speech and slurred words. It is developed to be used in consultation with a speech therapist.

What do they do?

By playing fun games children can easily see how accurate their speech is. It is the only app available that provides this helpful real-time feedback. It also enables your speech therapist to track progress and adjust targets while your child practices at home.



Specially designed speech recognition software for people with dysarthria

The speech recognition software has been specially developed in conjunction with the NHS and the University of Sheffield to be suitable for speech therapy patients undergoing articulation rehabilitation.

5 Different Games

5 fun different voice based games to choose from

The fun and engaging games and exercises make Articulation Forest perfect for children who need to frequently practice their speech.

Progress Tracking

Print a report of your results and progress

Articulation Forest tracks your child’s progress and the information can be printed out or shared directly with your speech therapist through the app. This way goals can be adapted based on development and improvements.