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ChatAble 3 now live

ChatAble is a grid and scene communication app, combining AAC methods and allowing for more comprehensive communication.

PCS symbols

3 communication page-types

ChatAble enables you to build grids, visual scenes, and hybrid pages.

Grids are really flexible and customisable. Resize with any number of columns and rows up to 10x10. Add PCS symbols, images from a safe websearch or use your own images (label text and images are both resizable and can be moved). Add videos, weblinks, customised audio and more!

To set up a scene, take a photo and place (resizable, reshapable) hotspots over parts of the image. Each hotspot can be programmed to play audio, video & other media. Scenes give extra context to the messages you’re about to speak, as all messages are triggered from different parts of the same photo.

Hybrids give you the best of both worlds, a scene can be used for the primary messages, with grid cells available as backup for anything you want to say that isn’t directly referenced in the scene image.

Supports language development with vocabulary & grammar support

Start communicating with ChatAble in few taps, using our core vocabularies. They're available for Kids, Teens and Adults; localised for UK or US users. The app also includes clever core prediction; an automatically learning symbol prediction based on your speech history.

Building new pages, take advantage of our automatic word tagger and colour coding system — we use the Fitzgerald key as standard but it's fully customisable — to automatically shade the cell backgrounds according to word type. Long press on grid cells to bring up naturally grammar support, which shows plurals, possessives, alternate tenses and a range of adjective options.

ChatAble high quality voices

Customisable to suit your personality

Change appearance settings including background colour and fonts (including fonts for people with dyslexia or visual impairment), and choose from a range of voices — ChatAble 3 now has 2 new children's voices available!

Keep a track of learning and progress

ChatAble has an inbuilt analytics tool which tracks the words used; the number of messages spoken; the unique words used; and the average message length. These display in graphs inside the app and they also generate into a PDF report which can be printed or emailed.


Grammar support

ChatAble The Naturally grammar support and the Fitzgerald colour key will help you to communicate in a better and more efficient way.


ChatAble GoGo!Add is a revolutionary way to create a grid: type in the words you want in your page, and ChatAble will do the rest of the job, picking one of the PCS symbols included in the app that best match you word.


ChatAble With GoGo!Scan you can create an interactive grid of your paper communication board: take a picture of your board, set the hotspots and ChatAble will recognise text and pictures to use in your page.

Therapy Box Cloud

ChatAble All users receive a free cloud account. All the contents in ChatAble are automatically and securely sent to the cloud. The data is encrypted and can be transferred onto another device, giving users easy access to their personal settings and features, no matter which of their personal devices they are using.


ChatAble Plan out your week with our colourful and easy-to-use timetable, sending you custom reminders and media.


ChatAble Search through your library of grids, scenes and hybrids to easily access all of your work in seconds.

Communication Book

ChatAble Create communication books containing your custom pages of grids, scenes or hybrids. This function allows you to quickly access your favourite content.


ChatAble Our handwriting feature allows you to construct sentences quickly without any use of a keyboard. This is great for those who want to practice their writing or just prefer writing to typing.

ChatAble Videos

Want to see the app in action? Watch these videos for a better idea of how our software can be used.

User stories

We're proud of the work we do, and we love finding out from our customers the ways in which our apps have helped them. These are the stories of some people who use our software on a daily basis. Find out in their own words, why they like Therapy Box. Learn more

ChatAble User Video

ChatAble User Video

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User guides and other useful information for using this app. If you need any other information, check out our support page.