Track Student Achievement

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Who’s it for?

Designed for pupils in late secondary school at Loyne Specialist School.

What does it do?

iAchieve allow pupils to show evidence of their achievements to their teachers who can then respond by offering them encouragement. iAchieve was designed for The Loyne Specialist school, a leading school for specialist education.


About The Client

Working together, valuing achievement

The Loyne Specialist School provides pupils with access to a holistic thematic curriculum which gives them opportunities to develop and learn new skills and apply these through all areas of school life.

Project Objective

Sharing achievements and receiving encouragement

The Loyne Specialist school asked us to develop an app that would allow their pupils to share their achievements with their teachers. They wanted to be able to offer their pupils encouragement and rewards through the app.

Project Outcome

Achievement tracking app

iAchieve allows pupils to show evidence of their achievements to their teachers who can then respond by offering them encouragement, advice and rewards through the app.

Achievement Categories

In built achievement categories

Students pair their account with a teacher, then can submit evidence in 10 different categories, using photographs and text, these evidences are submitted with the single push of a button. The categories and subcategories are geared towards the achievements of students in late secondary school and college.

Teacher Portal

A restricted portal allows the teachers to track student achievements

On logging in, a teacher is notified their students have sent through new evidence and can respond to their messages. If a student has submitted a lot of evidence for one category, the teacher will have the option to close the category and the student will receive a certificate. Student progress can be measured in the graphs and charts found in the settings and reward page. Each closed category gives the student another slice in their progress pie chart.