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Who’s it for?

Discover the Parks of Croatia is an app aimed at tourists and locals in Croatia who are looking to gain more information about the country’s beautiful national parks.

What does it do?

The app provides maps, routes and information about the national parks and their points of interest. It also uses geolocation and bluetooth to send users push notifications when they are nearby points of interest. The app was developed for the United Nations Development Programme in Croatia.

About The Client

Parkovi Hrvatske with UNDP Croatia

The UNDP has been working in Croatia since 1996 and has been a self-funding Project Management Office since 2014. Its focuses are the promotion of sustainable energy solutions, low-emission development, protected areas of nature and environmental protection. They seek to improve living conditions and economic opportunities in war-affected, rural and remote areas; on advocating the full social inclusion of people with disabilities, minorities and other vulnerable groups in the country.

Project Objective

Promoting the Croatian National Parks

UNDP Croatia asked us to develop an app that provides information to tourists visiting the 19 Croatian national parks. The aim was to promote the parks and provide information, routes and maps to both locals and tourists. It was important that the app could work both online and offline due to data connectivity issues in remote areas.

Project Outcome

Installed 10,000 times on Android devices alone!

"The Parks of Croatia mobile app is the first to use Bluetooth technology in open spaces. The app uses nearly 400 beacon transmitters to enhance their experience for visitors of parks as it informs them when they are near an interesting location or attraction, whether natural or cultural sites, activities or routes available in each park" Valentia Futac, director of the UNDP project PARCS.


Alerting users of interesting sites near their locations

The app uses geolocation and Bluetooth beacons in order to discover the user's location. This is then used to send them alerts if they are close to a point of interest. Detailed information about each point of interest is available in the app.

Inbuilt CMS

Built in content management system for uploading information

The Android and iOS native app works with a CMS, developed internally by UNDP in Croatia, to provide information to tourists about the 19 Croatian National parks. The app uses an OpenStreetMap of Croatia to display parks (with a custom overlay over Park areas) and allows users to search for parks within Croatia.