Fun Way to Learn Phonics

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Phonics Keyboard

Who’s it for?

Designed for children of all ages to help them associate letters with their phonic sound.

What do they do?

Phonics Keyboard is a keyboard extension and game for the iPad and iPhone. Each key has familiar animal on it which begins with the same letter. Every time a key is pressed, the letter being typed it is read aloud, using both its name and it’s phonics sound.


Images and sounds

Fun and recognisable

Fun colourful images help your little typist to quickly identify the letter they want to use. Each key is more distinct to simplify the search for keyboard keys. Hear letters read by name (ay, bee, cee) and by phonics sound (ah, buh, cuh). This helps to establish a link between letters and their sounds and helps to advance reading and spelling skills.


Choice of voices

Cheerful British and American children’s voices are available for free in the phonics keyboard settings.

Varying difficulty

Choose the right level for your child

As your child becomes more confident, you can adjust your settings to remove the images, or change the auditory support.

Bubble game

New learning game

Learn to recognise the letters on keyboard one at a time. And progress in your bubble bursting game with Dubdub, the friendly dinosaur. Errorless learning with the right reinforcement for the game progress

In built text editor

Freestyle writing within the app

Use our inbuilt text editor to play around

Word Speller

An engaging game to learn spelling

Learn to spell with our Dubdub word speller game. Help Dubdub to cross the lava river and collect eggs.