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Philip's story

Hi my name is Philip G. Bell. I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in December 2013. My first notable symptom was in February 2013, as I used to lecture, I noticed during a lecture my voice was slurred. I saw my GP who at first thought I may have had a mini stroke. Lots of tests ruled this out and it took a long time to determine my problem. As I was already 65 then, I retired and we moved to the Isle of Wight where I was contacted by the local branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Although it is unpleasant to find out one has a terminal illness, I found that it helped to be strong to raise awareness and funding. Almost immediately I booked an event at Northwood House in Cowes, Isle of Wight called the Spring to Life Fair, in which I raised around £2,000 for the local branch of MND Association. Since then I have continued with many smaller events and often been in the County Press and on the Isle of Wight Radio, to raise awareness.


I also wrote Poetry and Children's Fantasy Stories, The royalties and any profits now go to the local branch of MNDA. You may learn more on www.elfinchild.com.

During the early 2014 period, my voice progressively got worse and I invested in Predictable which I found very helpful. I also used it on the Isle of Wight Radio when I still had just a slightly slurred speech, which demonstrated my problem and the solution.

My health is declining, but thanks to Predictable and the work of MND supporters I keep doing better than I would without.

Written by Philip G. Bell
Isle of Wight,UK

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