Language Assessment Test

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Who’s it for?

Designed for children 3 - 8 years old.

What does it do?

By playing fun games, children can easily see how accurate their speech is. It is the only app available that provides this helpful real-time feedback. It also enables your speech therapist to track progress and adjust targets while your child practices at home.

About The Client

Routledge Publishing, part of the Taylor & Francis group

Routledge Publishing is a global publisher of online and offline academic resources.

Project Objective

Convenient and easy to use app

Routledge wanted us to turn their popular Renfrew Action Picture Test into an app, for the convenience of its customers.

Project Outcome

The app can be use to administer tests and generate reports

The app provides great value for money for speech and language therapists. It is much easier to use than a physical test, and it has many built in features that save time when compiling results and reports.

Full Test

Quickly complete a full test using the app

Speech and language therapists can use the app to administer a full test, making notes and recordings as they go along.


Reports are automatically generated

At the end of the test, a report is automatically compiled and exported to an account on a cloud hosted database. This saves a huge amount of time for the speech and language therapists.

Online Web Portal

Track progress through a web portal

Therapists can access their clients' results via an online web portal, which allows them to track each of their pupil's speech and language development.

Multiple Users

Multi-user licenses are available

Multiple levels of access are provided, so that an institution may buy a license for multiple users and create and remove users as required.