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Renfrew Action Picture Test with Taylor & Francis Group

The Renfrew Action Picture Test is an assessment set designed to screen and gauge a child's speech and language development. 10 cards have an illustration on them, to be shown by the examiner to the child being tested, along with a specific questions which is asked to the child. Norm-referenced at 6 month intervals, so that test takers can be compared to children of similar ages, the app provides an indication of a child's vocabulary and grammar skills.

Project objective

Routledge Publishing, a global publisher of online and offline academic resources, wanted to update their popular RAPT product into an app, for the convenience of its customers. They felt that an app would provide good value for money for Speech & Language Therapists, that it would be easier to use than a physical test, and that it could be built to include features which would save time when compiling results and reports based on the initial test.

Project output

Therapy Box are building an iOS app with a web portal. On the app, Therapists will be able to administer a full test, making notes and recordings as they go along. At the end of the test, a report is automatically compiled and exported to an account on a cloud hosted database. Therapists will be able to access their clients' results via the app and an online web portal, which will allow them to track each of their pupil's speech and language development. Multiple levels of access will be provided, so that an institution may buy a license for multiple users and create and remove users as required. The app will be completed in the autumn of this year.

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