Learning Phonics is Fun

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Who’s it for?

Designed for children of any age who are keen to improve their reading and spelling skills.

What does it do?

This app contains 34 rhyming pairs of words - 68 words in total. Children can use it to practise recognising rhyming letter patterns both aurally and in writing. The words can be read by children who know the sounds of the letters of the alphabet as well as blended sounds. In addition to the simple three letter words like cat, there are a number of four letter words which begin or end with two consonants, like tent and twin.


Fishing Game

Improve reading through practice

Help Biff catch the words. Six flashcards are shown on screen and a word is played. Tap on the word that was read out to add it to Biff’s bucket. This is a more advanced game for children who can read or sound out a full word.

Easy of use

Go through all cards to get familiar with the different words

By going through all the cards before you start playing the game you can familiarise yourself with the words in the app. This section can also be used as prompts for reading or spelling tests outside of the prescribed games. A microphone button lets you record your children so that they can listen back to the words as they’re reading them.

Word Builder Game

Build words and learn to spell

This game is great for those children starting out with learning to spell words. A word will be split up into separate letters and upon hearing an audio prompt the child will rearrange the letters in order to create the word read out loud.

Sound Snap Game

Learn to recognise phonetic sounds through comparisons

Help kipper collect matching words. Two flashcards are shown face up on the screen. Snap if they start with the same sound (for example ‘ant’ and ‘apple’) or mark as a mismatch if they do not. This game helps children learn sounds through comparisons.