No More Spelling Errors

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Who’s it for?

Typ-O is designed for children and adults with dyslexia to help them write without spelling errors.

What does it do?

Typ-O uses a powerful word prediction engine and a sophisticated spelling error model to help you write, even if your spelling isn't perfect. You can also listen to the words before you choose them.


Word Prediction

Suggested words appear on screen to speed up typing

Typ-O's word prediction works by predicting the next word based on the sentence you are writing. It learns how you type and can give up to 6 suggestions.

Spell Check

Advanced spell checking

Typ-O will show you all the mistakes in your notes, and will often suggest words to correct those you have misspelled. This gives peace of mind to users, ensuring every note will have minimal mistakes.

Share Your Writing

Use Typ-O to write emails, messages and more

You can easily share all of your writing from Typ-O via email, iMessage or print your notes directly from the app. It makes communication much easier and faster.


Available in 6 different languages

Change the language for your word prediction to US English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German or French.